Download Center: Click 'n' Grab ~ Windows Mobile 3rd Party Applications

Cool Applications for your Mobile from 3rd party manufacturers which will help you a lot in daily life tasks and will make your life easier, smooth and comfortable.

asklaila StreetSmart
Discover something new. Be street smart!
Now instantly search for exact location of auto-service station, ATM, restaurant with this free, small application with no need of GPS.
Download Home Page

Itself locates user's location and display on map the local business and services nearby you.
Download Home Page

Send SMS in customizable groups to multiple contacts with single touch.
Home Page

Use your stylus, unleash your creativity by drawings and figures on your Windows Mobile PDA.
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Lock your Windows Be safe, Be secure with unique, customizable pattern.
Home Page

Organize your budget according to your income and expenses simply with graphical representations.
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Listen to your favorite music with Windows Mobile without the stylus.
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Your PC in your pocket! Just drag n drop files, control with a keyboard/ mouse and make your Mobile familiar to Windows experience.
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It's time to wake up with your own customized mp3 tracks, control snooze settings and organize your life with touch of creativity.
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Touch it, make it! Yeah simply capture your mobile phone screen with a touch and present it with neat design.
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Can't keep yourself away from social networking sites, here is a way to make your mobile phone a social networking machine and stay connected with sites like Flickr, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Photobucket, Typepad... with a never ending list.
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Download Center: Click 'n' Grab ~ Mobile Applications from Microsoft

Here presenting the daily need application software for your Windows Mobile. Download links directly from microsoft only for you. Just search for one you need and click on download, simple and your application software will be on your PC in few minutes.

Windows Live for Mobile
Enjoy e-mail, instant messaging, photo upload, and more with Windows Live for mobile.

Windows Live Hotmail for Windows Mobile
Get your e-mail and the full Windows Live Hotmail experience—including photos, documents, web links, and more—right on your mobile phone, and do it all on the go.

Live Search for Windows Mobile
Combining local search, directions, traffic reports, movie listings, and more, Live Search for Windows Mobile finds what you need.

Internet Explorer Mobile
Internet Explorer Mobile puts your Favorites, late-breaking news, traffic, stocks, and everything in between close at hand.

Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile
Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile lets you take your calendar, e-mail, and contacts with you.

Windows Media Player Mobile
Take your favorite music, videos, and more on the road using your Windows Mobile phone and Windows Media Player Mobile.

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile
Interact with the staff of your enterprise business in real time using your Windows Mobile phone. Go mobile and extend the reach of Microsoft Office Communications Server, Office Communicator, and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Office Mobile
Get the Microsoft Office experience you're used to, only mobile. With Microsoft Office Mobile, you get mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Expression Web 3 Installation Screenshots

Recently Microsoft launched Expression Studio and I completed the download of Expression Web 3. Here I present the installation screenshots. Just look them its quite awesome.

So howz the experience of installation snaps... Isn't awesome. Feel it your own click here to download and install, check yourself.

Watch WPC09 keynotes by Microsoft executives.

All the keynotes videos of WPC09 i.e. WorldWide Partner Conference'09 are available to watch from Microsoft. Here are the direct links of each keynote where you can watch them online.

Day 1 - July 13 Keynote Opener, Allison Watson, Bill Veghte, Stephen Elop, Closing
Day 2 - July 14 Keynote Opener, Bob Muglia, Steve Ballmer, Allison Watson
Day 3 - July 15 Keynote Opener, Allison Watson, Kevin Turner

Special ~ Bill Gates in INDIA

July 24 will be a great day for Indians as Chairman of Microsoft Corporation will be live here. Yeah you heard right it's Mr Bill Gates. All of us can watch him live on 24th of this month 10:30AM onwards.

On the Inauguration of fifth year celebrations of the Microsoft Research Centre and will attned a symposium on "Research and Innovation - The Keys to India's Future"
He will also speak at a CEO forum hosted by NASSCOM and will make an announcement for the Gates Foundation with the Indian Ministry of Health.
Other members joining him on Panel discussion will include the Indian Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Mr. Prithviraj Chavan, Co - founder of Infosys, Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, IIT Madras Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala and the Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, Dr. P. Anandan.
More details and live video can be streamed at here.

Windows Se7en build 7600 finalized as RTM

Leaked build, RTM finalized, RTM available for download blah blah ... we heard lots of rumors like these last days, but now the wait is over and Microsoft officially signed and declared build 7600 as RTM.

Brandon LeBlanc posted on Windows Team Blog:

"I am pleased to announce that Windows 7 has RTM’d! As I mentioned previously, RTM officially happens only after sign-off occurs. What happens is a build gets designated as a RTM contender after going through significant testing and meeting our quality bar for RTM. Then, it goes though all the validation checks required for RTM including having all languages of that build completed. If all the validation checks have passed – sign-off for RTM can occur. Today after all the validation checks were met, we signed off and declared build 7600 as RTM.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to my friends over on the Windows Server Team. Today they are also announcing that Windows Server 2008 R2 has RTM’d"
Windows 7 RTM will be available on Microsoft Connect, MSDN and TechNet on August 6th but in English only and by Ocrober 1st we will be able to get in other remaining languages.
Source: WindowsValley

Microsoft Expression Studio 3: Trial available for download

Microsoft Expression Studio opens up a new world of creative possibility. Its professional design tools give you the freedom to make your vision real—whether you’re designing for standards-based Web sites, rich desktop experiences, or Silverlight. Includes Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression Design and Expression Encoder.

Expression Products for download

Expression Blend 3
Expression Blend with Sketchflow enables us to create refined and powerful solutions with a revolutionized speed and efficiency on the Silverlight and .NET platforms.
Home Page | Download

Expression Design 3
Expression Design is as a companion to Expression Web which quickly builds sophisticated vector assets with help of its intuitive tools and then transfers them to your Expression Web while parallely maintains its fidelity too.
Home Page | Download

Expression Web 3
Expression Web 3 allows us to make Web sites with ease and faster based on compliant standard with help of its drag and drop controls.It supports a broad range of essential Web tech like PHP, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, and ASP.NET for both visual design and coding.
Home Page | Download

Expression Encoder 3
Expression Encoder is an streaming and encoding application which encodes wide variety of video file formats and live webcam and camcorders video can be streamed easily with it. It also publish rich media experiences with Microsoft Silverlight.
Home Page | Download

If you are intereseted in downloading the whole suite then it can be downloaded from here.

Microsoft Online Services Launched today.

Today Microsoft launched another hosted offering as Microsoft Online Services for Indian Market. Today’s launch of Microsoft Online Services follows the success of Hosted Exchange and Hosted Dynamics (ERP) in India which are also available on a subscription basis through a 3rd party partner. Over the last 5 years, Microsoft has made rapid strides to make S+S a part of our solutions strategy because we believe it is really the combination of on-premise and web based access that can provide enterprises the optimal choice of using and paying for software as they wish to. The industry too is converging to this middle ground approach – from earlier staunch ‘web only’ positions.

What it is ?
Microsoft Online services essentially consist of offerings ideal for organizations who do not have messaging and collaboration capabilities like Microsoft Exchange Online [e-mail] or SharePoint Online [portals and collaboration]. The key advantage of Online Services is that it will allow businesses to stay in touch with customers, associates and teams across geographic boundaries round the clock and provide instant access to information, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Businesses can now save upto 50% of their IT-related costs with the launch of these services.

A free trial is offered now to experience the potential impact which will be on business. It is available before its commercial launch in October 2009. The trials are available at

What's your phone style!!! Chance to win Windows Mobile

What's my Phone Style

Chance to Win

What’s your phone style, go ahead and find your style and chance to win a Windows Mobile just right for you!

Come, discover your style!

Simply attend the quiz, answer 5 simple question and your perfect match of Windows mobile will be in front of you.

Be a Windows Live Style Icon

Log in here and tell your Windows story to the world, share with others and be the face of Windows campaign. Wanna hear other’s story, click here. The World is listening and it’s time to hear you, it’s time for something different, something big!

Download Windows live for your Windows Mobile. Visit here and provide your Windows Mobile number to get Windows live on your phone.

How to get Hotmail on your mobile

Are you an addict to Hotmail or don’t wanna miss any mails and be connected anytime, anywhere then just see how to get hotmail on your mobile step by step.
1. For most mobile phones: Go to your phone browser and type and then log in using your Windows Live ID. That’s all, now message can be send and receive from your phone.

2. For Smart Phones: Instructions are different depending on your mobile device as
Windows Mobile: In your phone’s main menu look for email or “Messaging” icon. Select “Windows Live Hotmail” and enter your “Windows Live ID”.

iPhone: Incase account to be set is the first one on your phone:
a) On phone’ main screen locate the mail icon.
b) On the “Add Account” page select “other”, and enter your Windows Live ID and password.
Incase an email account has been already set up on your phone:
a) On phone’ main screen locate the setting icon.
b) Locate the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.
c) Under Accounts, choose “Add Account” select “other”.
d) Enter your Windows Live ID and password.

BlackBerry: Only those mobile devices listed below are compatible with Windows Live-
BlackBerry® 7100 Series
BlackBerry® 7200 Series
BlackBerry® 7520 smartphone
BlackBerry® 8700 Series
BlackBerry® 8800 Series
BlackBerry® 8900 Series
BlackBerry Pearl™ smartphone
BlackBerry Pearl™ flip smartphone
BlackBerry Bold™ smartphone
BlackBerry Curve™ smartphone
BlackBerry Storm™ smartphone

Nokia: For Nokia mobile devices compatibility visit and select your model from the list and relevant instructions will be provided to you.

To get Windows Live on your mobile visit and provide your mobile number.

Guys Google is Scared of Bing !!!

As the Bing is launched Google started begging by displaying Advertisements on Times of India. I daily came across of such ads where Google asks users to Google if they want to buy cheap air tickets or cheap fares for travel etc.
Here is a screenshot of such an add.

Edit Boot information in Windows

If you have installed more than one Operating System and want to change the boot time which is 30 sec by default or want to set the default Operating System to be booted then simply follow the steps. There are so many ways of doing this either by GUI or via command prompt, this is valid for Windows Se7en and Windows Vista and excuding some features also in Xp.

1. Type msconfig.exe in Start Search or in Run dialog box or type System Configuration in Start Search to edit the System Configuration.
2. Go to Boot tab.

3. Select the Operating System which you want to make it as default OS and click on Set as default.
4.Change the value of Timeout textbox to your requirement and finally click on Apply. That’s all.

There is one more way to do the same.
1. Type Advance System Settings in Start Search and click on View advance system settings or click on Advance system settings on System Properties page's left pane or type in Run dialog box RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL sysdm.cpl,,3 and press enter.

2. In Startup and Recovery section click on Settings.

3. Select Operating System from drop down box to set the default one.
4.Set the Timeout to display the list of OS (max. limit 999 sec) and to display recovery options when needed (max. limit 200 sec) as per your requirement.
Happy Windows Computing.

It's all about Windows, It's TalikngAboutWindows !!!

Who's Talking About Windows?
Eager to know about decisions regarding desktop user experience? Wanna have knowledge about Windows Peek? What is deployment ? And lots more....
All of IT Professional like us are very curious about such small and big things. So here is an oppurtunity to join the conversation about the next generation Operating System and connect with the people behind the code, and your peers. Simply ask them and make the decision yourself. Microsoft is providing platform via "TalkingAboutWindows".
A sneak peek look of it is here:

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.0

UWT 2.0 is now live and available for download. It's a major release as it is fully capable of Windows 7 and too work for all editions of Windows Vista. It's already known that UWT is an portable application consisting of more than 150 tweaks that also in a box of 345KB.

Change Log
can be seen on source and download is available for us, simply click here to begin.

Disable Window from auto arrange when moved to edge of screen.

The feature of Windows Seven that whenever we move any Window to the edge of screen it gets arranged automatically as like it gets maximized when moved to top edge, it gets tiled when moved to either left or right edge of the screen.
We can easily prevent this from happening automatically. Simply follow the steps as given below:

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Click on Ease of Access.
3. Click on Ease of Access Center.
4. Click on Make the keyboard easier to use.
5. Now Check the check box "Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen".

OR Simply type "%systemroot%\system32\control.exe /name Microsoft.EaseOfAccessCenter /page pageKeyboardEasierToUse" in "Start Search" or "Run" dialog box to open following Window.

Now Windows will not get automatically arranged, you can easily revert to default by unchecking the check box.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.0 releases today

Ramesh Kumar, MVP developed an application named as "Ultimate Windows Tweaker" which is being used by users worldwide version by version and moving parallel to techonolgy today is the day when its Stable version for "Windows 7".

Download will be available soon, just keep your eye here. Feedbacks are welcome for helping to improve the product more and more.

Source: WindowsValley

Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 launched by Microsoft.

Welcome to the Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 Launch Experience.
Interactive technologies are evolving quickly. Development and design are converging, collaborative workflow is a necessity, and people expect intuitive interfaces and rich experiences.

Responding to this new landscape, Microsoft is changing interactive design, development, and deployment forever with the latest release of the Microsoft® Silverlight™ platform and Microsoft® Expression® design tools—specifically engineered to help interactive professionals transform their vision, creativity, and energy into reality. All while delivering compelling user experiences and tangible business results.
Be first to seethelight first. It's launched today at 7:30pm IST.
See below and experience:

Click on the Image shown above. See the Light.

After Platform Loads up, you wiil get entered in the Silverlight arena.

The keynote addressing will start as shown below.

For more details visit here.

Windows Live Planet ~ Another Network from Microsoft.

Here guys and pals have an amazing news regarding another social network from Software Giant "Microsoft" presented in entirely different manner with lots of fun, offers, opportunities etc.
"Windows Live Planet", yeah this is the gate of the network which will lead to you date with teen diva's, which will lead you to live the life of a supermodel, which will lead you to meet the one of the top designer, which will lead to you the life of bolly beauties, which will lead you to and the list never ends. So why to wait simply Join, match n make friends, chat with them with Live messenger present in it which will let you sign in automatically as you switch to WLP.

Just go to Windows Live Planet and see the magic, feel the magic and take the awesome experience which you never felt while being on any other social network. So now the time for being on India's Best Planet i.s Windows Live Planet.

Best Windows Website Contest 2009 Announced

Like the last year, this year too, The Windows Club is organizing its Best Windows Website Contest 2009, to discover and to recognize some of the best Windows bloggers and website owners.

If you run a website (which includes a blog or a forum) which focuses primarily on Microsoft Windows, we invite you to participate in this Contest.

The overriding consideration will be: Does the website have substantial original quality content of interest to Windows Vista & Windows 7 user? The websites will be judged on content, quality, originality, continuity, presentation and overall impression.

The Website Title, Home Page url, along with a 2-4 line description about it, should be submitted here. The thread for the thread for submitting entries, will be opened on 5th July 2009, 1.30 PM UTC.

The 10 best websites will be picked up by a Panel of 10 Judges, comprising of the following:

Ed Bott, MVP,
Paul Schottland, Product Unit Manager for Microsoft
Steve Sinchak, MVP,
Lowell Heddings,
Rafael Rivera,
Howard Lo, Microsoft’s Regional Team Manager (APAC)
Emil Protalinski, ArsTechnica – One Microsoft Way
Corrine Chorney, MVP, Security Garden and The Windows Club Moderator
James Fisher, MVP, Windows Talk and The Windows Club Moderator
Anand Khanse, MVP, The Windows Club Administrator.

From among the entrants, 10 blogs would be short-listed by the Panel and put up for a community vote. The top 5 vote getters would be judged again, de nova, by the Panel of Judges and the Winner and the 2 Runners-up declared.

The Winner of The Windows Club’s Best Windows Website Contest 2009, will get a Free Windows Vista Ultimate dvd box, Microsoft Office 2007 dvd box, and licenses of ESET Smart Security Suite 4, TuneUp Utilities 2009, SnagIt 9, Acronis True Image Home 2009, Diskeeper 2009, Glary Utilities Pro, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Full, Extensions For Windows®, & WinPatrol Plus.

The 2nd & 3rd runners-up, will each get, will get a license of TuneUp Utilities, Acronis True Image Home 2009, Diskeeper, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, & WinPatrol Plus.

The 4th & 5th runners-up will get a free license of Webroot Security Essentials.

The first 50 to submit their entries would get the paid version of a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5 absolutely FREE!

This is a non-profit making initiative and the prizes here are being sponsored directly by the respective companies. The Windows Vista & Office DVD boxes, however comes to you courtesy WindowsClub.

The Panel of Judges will not be eligible to participate. The first 3 winning websites from the last years Contest will also not be eligible to participate.

Winning apart, this contest would provide recognition and a great opportunity for bloggers to expose and showcase their websites.

You may submit your entries here. Do also check out what the top 3 winners of the last year, have to say about this contest. Bookmark and Share

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