Chirp has launched !!!

What is Chirp?

Few days back there was an announcement that Soon Twitter is going to Chirp and today the wait is over and the Venue & Date for The Official Twitter Developer Conference is final with its full schedule update.

Where & on which date is it going to chirp?
                What is the schedule?


What is Venue of Chirp?

Who are the speakers?

We've done our very best to bring you the speakers you want. You'll learn from the experts that keep Twitter's heart beating.

We'll also be bringing you the very best and most successful Twitter Developers in the world! You won't be dissapointed!

We're going to have a ton of great speakers at Chirp. Check back here regularly to see the line-up grow or follow @Chirp for regular updates.

For more details just go and chirp.

Microsoft launched new Website: Windows

Windows Is Launched

On the day of CES Microsoft came up with the go-to sit for their customers to learn about the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo program. This site simply meant to emphasize on the value of the Windows logo program and to help customers to educate them on this issue. It is directly linked to the Windows 7 Compatibility center and encourages the customers to discover the products that have earned the Windows logo.

Its just one way which can help customers in learning more about te value of the Windows 7 logo program with addition of increased visibility as a featured component on a variety of consumer Web Sites. simply ensures that if your product is marked with the Window logo then it is sure that all your software, devices, and printers install readily and run reliably.

Finally Bill Gates is also tweeting

On 20th Jan Bill Gates came live on Twitter . From that day to now with a speed of 8 followers per secoond currently he is having 298,823 followers with 9918 listed. You can follow him BillGates on Twitter.
Also Bill Gates is now with a new webiste as GatesNotes (
Here is its sneak preview when you first open it:

Password privacy: How it is done.

We already had a blog post on How to Create Strong Paswords. Password is something which is used to keep things secured, safe and away from threats so as to keep information protected. But as much as our information is imnportant and neccessary to be protected, in the same way password is also to be kept secret.

It is recommended to use strong passwords while accessing social networking websites, computer system etc where we keep our personal or financial information.
There are some key points to remember and follow as:
1. Never reply to an e-mail request asking for your password. There may be some Internet "phishing" scams using fraudulent e-mail messages requetin your e-mail's username and password.

2. Never provide your password over e-mail.

3. Never access your account from other system that you do not control as like in INternet cafes, in any conferences, computer labs, kiosk systems, and airport lounges. Such places are unsafe for account accessing activities.
It may be possible that Cyber criminals can use keystroke logging devices which gather whatever is typed on a computer, including passwords.

4. Never trust anyone so don't reveal your passwords to someone.
Its a good habbit to keep your passwords hidden from friends or family members (especially children) who could pass them on to other, less trustworthy individuals.

5. Keep your recorded passwords protected.
Never try to store passwords on a file in your computer, as these places are easy to be hacked. So always keep your record of the passwords in a safe, secure place.

6. Have more than one password.
Always try to keep different passwords for different Web sites and services.

Download: Your Guide to Windows 7

At ITPro Community for Windows 7 Technet presented a new ebook: 'Your Guide to Windows 7'. This ebook can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

It covers:
- Gadgets
- Searching
- Projector Mode
- The new taskbar
- Problems step recorder
- Peek
- Libraries
- Windows Shortcut keys
- Snap
- Windows Troubleshooting & the Action Center

PDF | Home Page

Download: Silverlight 4 Training Course material from Microsoft

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 and .NET framework 4.0 last year and now they are offering us download of the Silverlight 4 training course material for free. The Silverlight 4 Training course includes hands-on-labs, a video and a whitepaper designed to help you learn about the new features in Silverlight 4 focusing on three major areas: Enabling Business Application Development, Empowering Richer Experiences and Moving Beyond the Browser. Some of the new highly anticipated features include Printing, WebCam and Microphone support, custom right-click, rich text, HTML support and access to local files with trusted applications.

System Requirements:
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7; Windows Vista
Silverlight 4 Beta Tools and SDK Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

After downloading, run the self extracting executable. When prompted, indicate where you would like to install the files. Then navigate to the installation folder you selected and run the Default.htm page to view the materials.


Download: 7 UP Windows Seven Theme Pack from Microsoft

Microsoft released a new themepack "Nothing but 7up" for Windows 7. This theme pack rhymes with Windows 7 as 7up 7's themepack.

Visit Windows Personalization Gallery | Download Windows 7 7up themepack.

Get your Free Ebook "Cloud Computing" from Microsoft

As we already know that all big organizations are shifting towards Cloud Computing and everyone is talking about the cloud, so here to an Industry shift towards cloud is from Microsoft Buisness Resource Center and is providing a free ebook on "Cloud Computing". Just explore the cloud and get your own free ebook.
This ebook can also be read online which is created fully in Silverlight. You'll experience the power of Silverlight while reading the ebook and will gain a new knowledge about it in addition to the cloud.
As you'll visit the site you'll experience following:

Countdown while Silverlight content is being loaded:

Front Page of the ebook:

Flipping of the pages to go on next page by just click and drag the corners of page:

After flipping next page is shown immediately:

Click here to visit and download the free ebook.

Soon Twitter is going to chirp !!!

The Officical Twitter Developer Conference is going to be held soon. If anyone interested just visit Chirp and throw your email address there. You will be notified via email as mails dispatching will start.

Visit Chirp now.

Download: Windows 7 training kit for Developers

Microsoft launched Windows 7 training kit with launch of Windows 7 on 22nd of october'09 but recently I came to know that most of the Windows 7 users are still unavailable of it are away from the kit. So here I'm giving a little description of it with its direct free download from Microsoft Srvers.
The Windows 7 training kit for Developers helps us to learn how to build compatible applications of Windows 7 that shine on Windows 7.
This kit includes presentations,hands-on-labs and demos. We can develop applications which utilizes key features of Windows such as:

  • Ribbon
  • Multi Touch
  • Sensors and Location
  • Taskbar
  • Libraries
  • Version Checking
  • UAC Data Redirection
  • Trigger Start Services
  • Instrumentation and ETW
  • Application Compatability
And Application Compatibility topics such as:
  • Session 0 Isolation
  • Installer Detection
  • User Interface Privilege Isolation
  • High DPI
 System requirements:
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 7SDK
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Windows Code Pack API for .NET Framework
  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (or higher)
Download and launch the self-extracting package. The Training Kit will uncompress to the selected folder and launch a HTML browser for the content.
Download link: Windows 7 Training Kit

How much will Office 2010 cost to a user?

Recently Microsoft touched a milestone of record downloads of Office 2010 Beta by crossing over 2 millions of trail copy download of it. And now they unveiled the retail pricing of Office 2010.
We will be having four version of taste of Microsoft Office 2010 so as to make it easier to opt for one which is best for us. The fur versions of Microsoft Office 2010 are- Office Home and Business, Office Professional, Office Home and Student, and Office Professional Academic. Below is a chart that outlines the features and pricing for each version:

  • Office Home and Student boxed product is available in a Family Pack, allowing usage on three PCs in one house.
  • Purchase rights for Office Home and Business, Office Professional, and Office Professional Academic boxed product allow for usage on two of your PCs.
  • The Product Key Card is valid for a single installation of the product.
To download the above detailed guide to each edition click here.

Office 2010 Beta at downloads at record breaking rate

With the new year celebration the Microsoft Office team is motivated more than ever by what we’re hearing about customers’ experiences with Office 2010. Microsoft Office's General Manager Rachel Bondi said that users have downloaded more than 2 million trial copies of Office 2010 in just seen weeks with a rate of 40,000 downloads per day. He said that "The Office 2010 beta is generating record interest and use, surpassing the previous Office 2007 beta download rate". And the download rate has increased from prevous version of Office.
Most importantly, 9 out of 10 beta users feel that the Office 2010 beta is an improvement over their current productivity suite.

So Microsoft's goal is now to make Office 2010 the best rpoductivity suite ever, and making it easier for everyone to try, buy and use Office.
Happy Office Computing !!!

Welcome to Microsoft News Center

"Microsoft News Center" the one previously known as "Microsoft PressPass" is the next evolution of PressPass. Microsoft made lots of design changes to the website and changed the name of PressPass to now what it is called as "Microsoft News Center".

The main motto of the whole reinnovation is to broaden the range of content and make the iste more interesting so that user can easily navigate throughout with an ease. Also the videos, images and all other sort of graphics is also categorized very well and made available for download, share and reuse.

If in case anyone wants to send their feedback and questions all are welcome so that your feedback can be used to shape future site updates.
Visit and see Microsoft News Center in action.

How to make USB bootable and install Windows 2000/XP/2003 [Source Code included]

As we all know that Microsoft already launched a tool for making USB bootable and install Windows 7 via USB but still we have to go for CD or DVD boot menu in order to install Windows 2000/XP/2003. But here is a way for making possible to install via USB the same. Just follow some simple steps while fulfilling few pre requisites.
Pre requisites to be fulfilled:
  • Windows 2000/Xp/2003 source installation files.
  • WinSetupUSB tool
  • USB Storage Drive (PEN DRIVE) of atleast 1 GB
Steps to follow:
  1. First of all get the tool downloaded and install it from here.
  2. Here are the steps of installation with screen shots.
Install 1:

Install 2:

Install 3:

Install 4:

Install 5:

Install 6:

Now after the installation finishes, simply plug your pen drive and ensure that it is ready.
You can see below the GUI of tool after its installation. Just have a llok over it and option being provided by it.

  1. First of all browse for the source of installation files of Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  2. Now USB disk selection is for selecting the USB drive which is to made bootable for installation.
  3. Either your USB get automatically reognized else click on refresh for it. If your USB disk is not displayed make sure it's formatted and has MBR and an active partition.
    Use the buttons, launching HP USB format utility or PEtoUSB for disks < 2GB and format your USB disk. Click Refresh button to refresh USB disk information.
  4. Uncheck the check box entitled as: Copy setup boot files only.


As you select the appropriate USB drive click on start and the USB will get formatted and ready to become bootable. Now simply click on the GO button from main Window of tool It'll take few minutes and following confirmation you'll get:

Now reastart the PC and keep USB plugged in. Choose boot from USB and follow the 3-Steps Installation.
Start from USB 3 times while keeping USB plugged in for whole time. The 3-Steps installtion process includes:
  1. Text mode part of setup
  2. GUI mode part of setup
  3. Start Windows for first time
Ensure that USB is always plugged and do not power off in between.
Source code of the tool can be seen where it gets installed as it is an open source product from MSFN.
Thats all !!! Happy Windows Computing !

Happy New Year 2010 !!! Wishng You all a new prosperous Year !!!

Happy New Year to you all from Arvind Kumar thats me owner of this blog "UnlockWindows".

Download Link: New Year WallPaper 2010

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