Download: Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Beta

"Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool"
নমস্কার! नमस्ते! ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ! സ്വാഗതം! வணக்கம்! నమస్కారము!

Microsoft developed this tool because there is a need for many languages (Indic Languages among them) as entering text on a PC is difficult today.
Though its true that the technology today is improving alot but mst of such products have some barriers over their use as for e.g. some require users to know a fixed transliteration scheme; some others allow free form transliteration, but work only on webpages etc.

But Microsoft intended to bring free form transliteration to the desktop such that it can be used to enter text in any application on the PC, and that is a key focus of the Indic Language Input Tool.

Currently this tool support six languages – Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu and is available in two versions both the web version and the desktop version. We can use this tool free as it is already in beta stage feedback is needed to improve the tool.

“माइक्रोसॉफ़्ट इंडिक लैड्ग्वेज इनपुट टूल (आईएलआईटी)” का डाउनलोड लिंक :
Web Version                 
Desktop Version

Installation & ScreenShots: Microsoft ILIT

Recently we posted regarding Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool FAQs i.e "Microsoft ILIT: FAQs" and now we are here to show the process of installation of Microsoft ILIT with screenshots step-by-step:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

As the installation gets completed we can see the Language Toolbar.I only installed the Hindi language tool so we can see only the Hindi language toolbar.

We can also use the Visual Keyboard for input:

So what are you waiting for, just keep visiting us and check it for download link.

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool (ILIT): General FAQs

  1. What is transliteration?

  2. Transliteration is a system which uses words written in a source language script and converts to a target language script. This doesn't relates to the translation but in transliteration the words viz. "bachpan" get converted to "बचपन" not to "childhood".

  3. Which languages are supported by Microsoft ILIT?

  4. There are six languages supported by Microsoft ILIT as: Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

  5. How can I add more languages to Microsoft ILIT?

  6. To add more languages visit: Download Microsoft ILIT.

  7. Do I have to learn a transliteration scheme to use Microsoft ILIT?

  8. No, not at all. Microsoft ILIT is easy and quickly usable tool to write in other language text. It supports free form transliteration wher we don't have to use any scheme for the process like to enter "रामायण", you do not have to type "raamaayanna" or "rAmAyaNa". You can just type "ramayan".

  9. I am familiar with a transliteration scheme that uses capital letters. How should I use Microsoft ILIT?

  10. Microsoft ILIT offers support for capitalization based hinting to disambiguate sounds that are spelt with the same English letter. For example, some users may prefer to type "bhArat" for "भारत", to disambiguate it from "भारत", which is also spelt "bharat". In this case, Microsoft ILIT will regard the capital letter as a hint and only return "भारत".

  11. Which letters can I capitalize to give hints to Microsoft ILIT?

  12. Only some capital letters are used as hints. Comprehensive list for Hindi is given below: Vowels A आ I ई U ऊ Consonants T ट Th ठ D ड,ड़ Dh ढ,ढ़ N ण Sh ष

  13. Can I use small letters (lower case) to give hints to Microsoft ILIT?

  14. No. Only capital letters are used as hints.

  15. What about capital letters at the beginning of a word?

  16. In that case Microsoft ILIT ignores as it can't differentiate a hint from a capital letter used for a proper noun or the first word of a sentence.

  17. What about abbreviations that are usually typed in all capitals, such as ATM?

  18. When whole input word is in capital then Microsoft ILIT spell out the individual letters. For instance, if you type "ATM", the first result will be "एटीएम" and all other phonetic transliterations will follow. None of the capital letters in the word will be treated as hints.

  19. What about numbers?

  20. Microsoft ILIT returns the international numerals as the first option and the HIndi numerals as the second because of rare use ot Hindi numerals in Hindi text. For example, typing "2009" gives "2009" followed by "२००९".

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