Ashampoo Snap 4: Simply capture everything from your screen.

Ashampoo Snap 4 is the best capturing tool I have ever used. I tried many others like WinSnap, Snagit and inbuilt Snipping tool of Windows 7 but among all Ashampoo's Snap 4 is the most innoavtive, powerful, full fledged featured tool which fulfills every need of a computer geek. Easy to install and easy to use with user friendly interface.

As soon as the installation will be completed welcome screen will be seen to user.

With dock feature enabled this tool can be used direclty via it. We can customizze the setting of the dock as per our need, by default it is on the top.

With  the help of Ashampoo's Snap 4 you can enjoy new editing features, more support for video codecs, audio adding facility to the captured video in addition to auto adjustment & sound setting configuration. As per Ashampoo new feautres included are as:
  • All new video capture technique with new effects/options
  • New cursor and zoom effects for video capture
  • Support of more codecs/containers for video encoding
  • Support of multi-monitor environments
  • Pause the video recording
  • Improved highlighting tool (more than one area)
  • Objects, for example arrows, texts, shapes etc., are now editable
  • High-quality objects (anti-aliasing etc.)
  • Support of the Ashampoo Photo Commander format for import and export
  • Stamps and graphics that can be added to screenshots
  • Import/export of the whole application configurations in one INI file
  • Send several screenshots as a single PDF file by e-mail

Home Page | Download

Try Style Jukebox (Beta) media player based on .NET technology.

Recently I came to know about Style Jukebox (Beta) at TheWindowsClub so I thought of installing the player so as to taste the work of developer, and i found it intereseting thats why here I am sharing my experiences of using it.
Style Jukebox is media player based on the .NET technology and it lets you play audio, video with features like: Folder Watch, Grid View, Codec manager, extrernal search, Video mini preview, iPod support etc.
Its easy and sleek UI helps an end user in enjoying music and also its wasy to install:

Home Page of Style Jukebox Player:

As this player includes codec to play video so that we can play videos of various formats.

Click for more details and download StyleJukebox

Download from Microsoft DreamSpark using Akmai Download Manager doesn't supprt resume.

I found a bug while download products from Microsoft DreamSpark suing its own download manager i.s Akmai Download Manager. I tried downloading several products and found that the download manager shows that the download is resumable but its not. I was unable to resume. This is what happens:

1.I start login to DreamSpark and succesfull login to my account.
2. Verify my DreamSpark account to the website.
3. Choose the Product as for example here Windows Server 2008 R2.
4. Click on Download to start the download, and download starts.
5. I'm able to resume if I pause the download myself, as many times if its done by me.
6. In case there is power cut and when system get restarted no option to resume the download from where it gets stopped.
Error so I got is shown below:

After this the file doesn't start from where I left.

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