[Download] Yahoo messensger 11.0 Beta

Yahoo messenger 11 Beta is available to test all over the world and it is now loaded with much more entertainment, customization and great improvements. Its easy to install:

Best features includes:
  • You can easily chat with your friends which are on other services like Facebook.
  • Video chat made easy with full screen high quality video.
  • Send SMS to your friends free of charge.
  • Conferencing is integrated in this build.
  • More emoticons, Avatars, audibles and IMvironments to express your feelings.
  • Integrated media player for watching web videos and for viewing photos with friends.

Add friends with a click:

Easy to connect to your facebook friends and enjoy chat:

User Interface is made very elegant:

Yahoo messenger is also available for International users covering areas like Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific.
The beta version of this tool is freely available and we can use it, test its features and be connected with our friends all over the world in a new environment with lots of new features which are all free of cost. Any osrt of problem can be easily reported to Yahoo directly from your own Yahoo Messenger. Just navigate to Help menu and then click on Report a problem to Yahoo. 
Download and other related links:

Time to play with a duo Lappy: Touchable and typable.

In this computer era, we all see lots of changes, lots of hi tech gadgets, touch screen, wireless keyboard. We have used Laptops with keyboard, touchscreen laptop too, but this time we will witness a duo. Yes it mean a Laptop with keyboard as well as Touch Screen which is flippable.
Microsoft is launching its store in Bellevue Square Mall and on this great day Dell Inspiron Duo is also hitting their.  The best thing about this Laptop is its screen which can be easily flipped within the lid and lid remains fixed.  So at a time it is a simple laptop and with a press at the bottom of screen... wooo it becomes a fully touchable laptop.

As you can see it in the picture below, screen can be easily flipped:

Anytime you want make it a laptop:

When you need to be a high tech touchscreen gadget with fully loaded features:

You need to be like an alarm to be kept beside your bed so make it so:

Soon it will be available in the stores of DellThis unique hands on was brought by Ben Rudolph.

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 7 released.

IE9 is going on in beta and its platform preview are releasing regularly with lots of improvements and enhancements. This time after platform preview 6 was released on 28th of last month, platform preview 7 is on the floor. It includes the real-world performance improvements across sites on the web. In each release there is improvements over JavaScript and with HTML5, chakra and Microsoft's JavaScript engine, IE9 is now leading over all other browser in performance based on JavaScript as per Webkit SunSpider. All over the world Internet Explorer is users choice and being adopted by users rapidly. As per date IE9 beta had moreover 13 million downloads since launch.

Performance Gains in Platform Preview 7

WebKit SunSpider results can be seen here:

Improvement and performance gain of platform preview 7 is clear by seeing the video and the WebKit SunSpider results over JavaScript.
Important and related links for IE9 platform preview can be easily grabbed:
-> Download IE9 Beta
-> Test Drive IE9
-> For more details on the Twitter Live chat.

[Download] Top 4 downloads of this week.

Here I am presenting a single thread which includes top 4 downloads of this week. You will find most of them of your daily use and also very very helpful and handy. Top 4 downloads includes software in beta phase also other than final releases:

1. New Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.522.0 Beta : MSE is a Microsoft product in the category of free antivirus which is available to connect users from here. It is currently in beta with milestone 2.0 reached and development is still going on to reach to some final build. Now Microsoft Security Essential is at 2.0.522.0 and current users of it can upgrade to the latest build of it. The update can be grabbed via Windows Update feature by all Genuine Windows users all around the world.

2. Mozilla Firefox Beta 7: Mozilla Firefox is bringing all new features and new era of web experience into its coming betas. This time Firefox is ready with its 4.0 Beta 7 release which can be downloaded from here or if you want the latest stable release then go to Firefox 3.6.

3. Google Chrome beta 8.0.552.200 : Google chrome is a product of Google which is upgrading itself day by day with its all new HTML 5, CSS 3 etc features with improved web experience. This time after entering into Beta 8.0 again received and update on 11th. It can be grabbed from here as beta 8.0.552.200 and for latest stable release click here.

4. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6:  Microsoft is bringing the new web experience like CSS3 2D transform, HTML 5, more Graphics, more speed , improved browsing experience with IE 9. You can Test Drive Internet Explorer Developer Platform at IE9TEstDrive and can see its amazing web experience with full feel.

[Winners] Diwali Offer: Chance to win 3 licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2011

Hi to all and I know you all be eager to know the result of the contest "Diwali Offer: Chance to win 3 licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2011". Here I am announcing the winners and there are three licenses so we have three winners for this. Winners are:

--> Ameya's World 
--> Momo
--> The Aviator ( please confirm your mail ID. Mail (arvind.windows@hotmail.com) me with your subscribed ID.)

Enjoy winners. Soon your key will be mailed to you.
Rest of the people don't loose hope, will come back soon with more amazing contests.

Diwali Offer: Chance to win 3 licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2011

Earlier this week I posted review about TuneUp Utilities 2011 which was released few days before and now I'm back with diwali offer. This Diwali offer is a simple to win 3 licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2011 worth of $49.95. For winning the licenses follow the simple rules given below:

STEP 1: Subscribe to UnlockWindows Newsletter at no cost( FREE ). You can subscribe to it using the Subscribe link by givng your email id there. or click here. 
STEP 2: Leave a meaningful comment here in this topic. Make sure that while leaving comment you must provide the same email id which you use for subscribing to UnlockWindows, otherwise you won't be eligible for this giveaway.
[ Note: Your Subscription must be active, if it is unverified then we'll not consider that email id as valid for the contest. ]

Offer valid upto  11th of this month ( 12 Midnight ) and winners will be announced then after.
So enjoy your diwali this contest and a  try to win.

[ *** Update *** ]
Please ensure that successful subscription is the one which is verified and active. For that you must verify from the mail you got after subscribing to UnlockWindows.com .

[*** Update ***]
Contest Closed. No more Comments. Winners will be announced soon. 

[ *** Update *** ]
Winners anounced: Visit here. Congrats to all winners.

Review: TuneUp Utilities 2011: World's best doctor for Windows

With tremendous and fabulous user satisfaction over several years, it is coming with fully loaded features and functions. Tune-up utilities 2011 is meant to serve better and better and make your computer go faster, efficient, super-fast flawlessly. In this some new features are introduced like:

When the installation of TuneUp will be completed you will be prompted with the following Start Screen which will ask you to start the analysis. Here TuneUp collects the information of your PC and does the analysis on it.

After that it'll start the 1-click maintenance on the basis of analysis done.

Based on analysis the function of maintenance will do some optimization and completes the basic optimization.

Improved look of Start Center

This time Start Center is fully loaded with all sorts of control for accessing most important functions of TuneUp in order to improve and enhance the performance of your PC. It’s very easy to tune your PC as the arrangement of controls into categories help you go to your choice quickly and in an efficient manner in addition with a view of current status of your system.

The New TuneUp Tuning Status
This elegant feature helps you to get the status of your PC in the form of clear and impactful graphs which will let you know how well the product is efficient in optimizing your PC.

Improved Turbo Mode
Much more features so as much more performance. With the advancement in Turbo Mode you can easily boost up the PC performance whenever you need it. With the stats, it shuts off nearly 80 hindering factors in the background which in turn gives greater performance with full control over the hindering background activities.

The New Rating functionality for programs
As like movie ratings, here also rating feature is introduced which collects data from other TuneUp utilities users and gives us an option of rating the programs how useful they are. This rating functionality will help us to decide about the need of the program to us. Moreover it is directly integrated with TuneUp Program Deactivator, TuneUp St`artUp Manager and TuneUp Uninstall Manger which makes us to get to know our programs in depth.

TuneUp Program Deactivator


In the history of TuneUp it is first time that this control is introduced which can directly disable the programs completely and reduces the load of it on your PC. Once disabled, the services, startup programs, background process of that disabled programs are in not in active state until we need them again and it directly gives your PC a boost of Performance.

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