Slipstream/Integrate SP2 RTM into Office 2007

After you have downloaded the office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe file from Microsoft, make sure to create two different folders on a local drive.
For this specific example I will use D:. So, create D:\Extracted_files and C:\Updated_files.
Copy Office 2007 SP2 to the Extracted_files folder. Next you will have to launch command prompt. Just type cmd in the search box under the Start Menu and right click selecting Run as administrator, to enjoy full privileges.
Next you will need to run the following command CD D:\Extracted_files\office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:D:\Updated_files.
During the extraction process you will have to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA), but otherwise you need to do nothing. Once the Installer is done you need to move all the content of the Updated_files folder to the Updates folder in the Office install folder, and this is pretty much it. The result can be burnt on a DVD or saved locally or on a network share.

Download Office 2K7 Sp2

An Overview of Recent Updates to Windows Live

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced quite a few improvements to Windows Live. I thought it would be nice to list all those improvements in a single blog post for everyone to read.

New web activities
Add new contacts to Windows Live
Messenger has come to Hotmail
Arrange your Photos in Windows Live SkyDrive
Photos of you
SkyDrive takes your Favorites

Windows Experience Blog

A Developer's First Look at Windows 7

This series introduces Windows 7 with an emphasis on those new features that will be of most interest and use to developers. It consists of: two introductory sessions, one focusing on the new user interface, and one on behind-the-scenes features, two hour-long sessions that cover compatibility and security issues, six shorter sessions which focus on coding for a single new feature.
Windows 7 Introduction: The New User Interface | New Features for Developers
Windows 7 Compatibility
Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility
Windows 7 Feature: Taskbar and Jump Lists | Federated Search | The Windows 7 Ribbon | Instrumentation and Performance | Background Service and Tasks | Energy Efficiency

Studio for Silverlight 2009

The 2009 release of Studio for Silverlight brings rich new features to popular controls as well as new controls to the market's richest suite of Silverlight controls.

Produce Limitless RIAs: State-of-the-art Silverlight Controls

It’s here; the most complete suite of Silverlight controls on the market – with over 30 Silverlight controls! We didn’t stop there. ComponentOne Studio® for Silverlight controls are easy to style, packed with built-in features, and are compatible across multiple browsers. The future of Web development tools is yours. Illuminate your RIAs today with rich design, interactivity, and enhanced performance.

Windows Internals with Sysinternals 2 day webinar/virtual class

Spend 2 days with David Solomon exploring the internals of key Windows kernel components and mechanisms with the Sysinternals tools in this 2 day webinar. The class is scheduled on a Monday and Wednesday to allow you a work day in between.

Topics include kernel architecture, memory management, thread scheduling, interrupt processing, time accounting, and crash dump analysis. This knowledge will help you help you troubleshoot difficult system problems as well as understand the true meaning behind key system performance counters. Developers benefit by being able to understand the platform more deeply, which enables understanding performance tradeoffs as well as being able to debug system level issues more effectively.

Next offering: June 1 and 3, 2009, 11:00am-6:00pm Eastern Time (GMT-5)
Courses Outline |Click here to register

Download The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Microsoft released the Service Pack 2 for public download today itself and can be downloaded directly from Download center of Microsoft.
The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides customers with the latest updates to the 2007 Office suite. This download includes two types of fixes:
  • Previously unreleased fixes that were made specifically for this service pack.
    • In addition to general product fixes, this includes improvements in stability, performance, and security.
    • More information in Knowledge Base Article 953195, where product-specific changes are described.
  • All of the Public Updates, Security Updates, Cumulative Updates, and Hotfixes released through February 2009.
Changes | Download

Windows 7 RC on 30th of April for MSDN & Technet guys.

The Windows 7 most awaited Operating System from Microsoft is going to be released for MSDN and Technet susbscribers on 30th of April and its public RC will be available on 5th of May.
Feedback for the beta were received every 15 seconds for an entire week. Since then, the engineering team has been busy analyzing the feedback, fixing bugs, and working hard to improve the overall experience. Many of your suggestions helped us refine the new and improved taskbar, the behavior of Aero Peek, Touch, Windows Media Player, and much more.
Windows 7 team blog.

Coming Soon: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC

Windows XP Mode is specifically designed to help small businesses move to Windows 7. Windows XP Mode provides you with the flexibility to run many older productivity applications on a Windows 7 based PC.

All you need to do is to install suitable applications directly in Windows XP Mode which is a virtual Windows XP environment running under Windows Virtual PC. The applications will be published to the Windows 7 desktop and then you can run them directly from Windows 7.

Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC are best experienced on your new Windows 7 PC. We will be soon releasing the beta of Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.

Windows Team Blog

Microsoft training video reveals older prototype of Windows 7 “superbar”

I’m glad at least someone is paying attention to the French. A couple of days ago Anthony Cook of noticed some interesting screenshots from a presentation at the Microsoft France training event “TechDays 09” of what appeared to be a different user-interface for Windows 7. However contrary to his speculation that this was to be the speculated theme refresh under wraps for Windows 7, it is in fact a screenshot of an old “superbar” prototype.

In this version of the superbar (presumably by default) labels are still enabled. Unlike the labels in the version of Windows 7 today which just feature an application window’s title in a single line, it appears to be a multi-line label separating the name of the application and a subtitle indicating the contents of the current window.


LIVE Webcast : Learn all about Garbage Collection in .NET on 28th April 2009 at 2:00pm‏

Register Here | Download Office live meeting 2007 | Download Windows Media Player 9 or above

How to download from

Simply follow the steps:

1.View a video on YouTube.

2. In the URL location box, type pwn infront of youtube, and enter.

3. Get links to download the video!

If it asks that server has send different name, then click on yes and your video will be on your computer.

Free ebooks offer from Software Giant "Microsoft Press"

Microsoft is Serving its users with the latest technology, increasing your skills, keeping your knowledge above the level of extent by Microsoft Press' Ebooks from last 25 years. Microsoft is providing a way to get many of those at free of cost simply by signing up for the Microsoft Press Book Connection Newsletter for notification of offers, register, and download the selection of the month. Offer is limited so hurry.

Offers include:

Introducing Microsoft® SilverlightTM 2, Second Edition
by Laurence Moroney | ISBN: 9780735625280

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008
by Peter DeBetta, Greg Low, and Mark Whitehorn | ISBN: 9780735625587

Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
by Patrice Pelland | ISBN: 9780735625419

Windows® Small Business Server 2008 Administrator’s Companion
by Charlie Russel and Sharon Crawford | ISBN: 9780735620704

Brought to you direct by Microsoft Press Online. Faster development with Microsoft Technologies.

Go on Photosynthing with Microsoft's Photosynth !!!

Imagine being able to share the places and things you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world. With nothing more than a bunch of photos, Photosynth creates an amazing new experience. Photosynth is a radically new way to use your photography. It is a potent mixture of two independent breakthroughs: the ability to reconstruct the scene or object from a bunch of flat photographs, and the technology to bring that experience to virtually anyone over the Internet.

Just read the guide from here or view video "How to make your own synth."

Save Borb Bay from disaster! ~ Bubble Town Game

Just one shot, and you’ll be hooked on this arcade-puzzler. Use the cannon to fire Borbs to match three or more in order to remove them from the board. Be careful where you aim because wasted shots clutter the board, and if the Borbs reach the yellow danger zone, the game is over. With two modes of play (Straight-Up and Ball), you’ll find challenge and excitement with every shot.

Home Page of Bubble Town.

SQL Server 2008 SP1 - Released

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1) release version has been published and is available for download from Microsoft download center. Microsoft released the SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 on 7th of this month that is yesterday.

The following features are new in Service Pack 1 ( See Release Notes):

  • Slipstreaming is an installation method that integrates the base installation files for a program with its service packs and enables them to be installed in a single step. You can slipstream a SQL Server 2008 update and the original installation media so that original media and the update are installed at the same time. The update setup documentation available from the Download Center has the most recent description of the slipstream process. The update setup documentation is also available at MSDN.
  • You can uninstall SQL Server 2008 cumulative updates or service packs from Programs and Features in Control Panel. For more information, see "Overview of SQL Server Servicing Installation" in the update help file.
  • SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 provides a ClickOnce version of Report Builder 2.0. Report Builder is available for use in Reporting Services (SSRS) installed in native or SharePoint integrated mode. If SSRS is installed in SharePoint integrated mode, you need to install the add-in, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce for SharePoint, to make Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce available from a SharePoint site. For more information, see the Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce for SharePoint Readme.

Everyone has a song inside...

Yeah... right heard. Everybody have a song inside them but not yet explored. Ever sing in the car? Maybe in the shower? You know who you are. Admit it, you like to sing, and you like music. Here Microsoft comes with a new software research named as "Songsmith" which generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. Then share your songs with your friends and family, post your songs online, or create your own music videos.

Download the trial.

Source | Microsoft

Register today for TechEd India. May 13 - 15‏


Tech.Ed-India is all about getting yourself ready for the next wave of technology innovations and trends. In today’s economic scenario, more than ever before, it has become pertinent that we stay ahead of the curve so as to establish ourselves as the future trend-setters. Tech.Ed-India – with its 27 technology tracks – offers you this opportunity to get in-depth hands-on-training and certifications in some of the most coveted and anticipated technologies of our time. Whether you are a Developer, a IT Professional, an Architect, a Designer, a Student or a Decision-Maker, Tech.Ed-India has content that is customized just for you.

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IE8 beats Chrome and Opera, Firefox stands second

After the launch of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 on 19th of March'09, its market share gain a superb increase all over world. IE8 competitors Opera and Chrome are like extinct species having market share in few %age. In parallel the Mozilla Firefox is tough in its field with some countable market share, but still on second position in war of best popular browser. The scenario may be competitive as it seems but the market share %age between all browsers is not so close that they can give each other a better and tough competition. IE and Firefox are the finalist of the Browser warhead but still it is lagging behind IE's versions with more than 20%-25% market share.
The browser having the war can be separately downloaded from links given below as per your choice but facts says that IE8 resulted at top position in the Browser war.
Download IE8 for Windows XP: 32-bit 64-bit, Vista: 32-bit 64-bit, Server 2003: 32-bit 64-bit and Server 2008: 32-bit 64-bit.
Download Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 for: Windows Linux Mac OS X
Download Google Chrome's latest beta version.
Download Opera: 9.64 10.0 Build 1345 Alpha

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