IE8 beats Chrome and Opera, Firefox stands second

After the launch of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 on 19th of March'09, its market share gain a superb increase all over world. IE8 competitors Opera and Chrome are like extinct species having market share in few %age. In parallel the Mozilla Firefox is tough in its field with some countable market share, but still on second position in war of best popular browser. The scenario may be competitive as it seems but the market share %age between all browsers is not so close that they can give each other a better and tough competition. IE and Firefox are the finalist of the Browser warhead but still it is lagging behind IE's versions with more than 20%-25% market share.
The browser having the war can be separately downloaded from links given below as per your choice but facts says that IE8 resulted at top position in the Browser war.
Download IE8 for Windows XP: 32-bit 64-bit, Vista: 32-bit 64-bit, Server 2003: 32-bit 64-bit and Server 2008: 32-bit 64-bit.
Download Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 for: Windows Linux Mac OS X
Download Google Chrome's latest beta version.
Download Opera: 9.64 10.0 Build 1345 Alpha


Peeyush said...

k i am agree with your IE share is more than other browsers or you can say more than Firefox also but the quality,the power and speed of surfing,in built downloader,anti spamming,anti malwares,more than 10000 add-ons(coun increases daily) and so many other things which are available for Firefox will never be available in any version of IE and it is a proved thing that any webdeveloper of this whole computing world doesn't like any version of IE due to not fulfilling the the standerdes and now also in IE 8 microsoft has already left so many bugs

So IE doesn't have any quality that it compete the Firefox.
It's not only me saying checkout the reviews of whole developers.

But the market ratio is anthor thing and i think you know why the market ratio is more for IE not due to quality it only due "Jo hai use chalne do"

-Peeyush Chandel

Arvind Kumar said...

You are totally wrong. First of all IE8 has passed all the tests and on standards. Second add-ons are helpful off course but also degrades performance too. Third, any software will have bug definitely. Fourth no need to compete with FF as IE is on top in all aspects. Fifth, FF is the most vulnerable software of the year 2008.

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