Oracle announced its database 10G Epress edition as free to develop, deploy & distribute

Orcale in its series of databases released Express edition i.e. XE as the starter databse based on the Oracle 10g Release 2 code which can be used to develop, deploy and distribute. It can be used for:

Developers who works on PHP, .NET, Java, & Open Source applications
DBAs in need of free, starter database training and deployment
Independent Software Vendors( ISV ) and hardware vendors for distributing started database free of charge
Educational institutions and students in case of need in their curriculum

Oracle 10g XE can be installed on any number of machines (one database per machine), but with limitations as:
- it will store only up to 4GB of user data,
- it will use up to 1 GB of memory and,
- it will use one CPU on the hot machine.

As the installation completes it must be registered for an exclusive Oracle Database 10G Express Edition Discuusion Form hosted by Tom Kyte and Orcale Expert - click on the 'Registration' link on XE's Database homepage.

Download Oracle Database 10G Express Edition: Linux | Windows


Ramesh K said...

Seems Oracle has been inspired by Microsoft as they introdeced SQL Server 2005/08 Express edition.

Arvind Kumar said...

Yup... I too think so...
But anyways great for all.

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