[Beta Offer] Signup for "Age of Empires online" beta.

After so many successful gaming versions of Age of Empires, this time gaming has changed the way of presenting. Age of Empires is online and its beta signup is going on. So be the first to participate in the beta and play the most exciting mission game online with your friends. You can have a look over its official trailer:

As the game is online it offers so many features, as per www.ageofempiresonline.com  game play features include:
  • Familiar Age of Empires gameplay
  • Download and play from almost anywhere
  • Game continues to evolve over time
  • Cooperative multiplayer quests and trading
  • Empire creation and resource management
  • Historical setting, easy-to-use RTS controls
In order to have a feel of the game you need to signup for the beta | Signup link for Beta registration of Age of Empires online.


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