Another chance to win TuneUp Utilities 2011 licenses - 6 Keys available

As we already had one contest regarding TuneUp Utilities 2011 licenses few weeks ago, and now we are back with some more licenses. This time Tune Up is creating a new trend with its new innovation of Tune Up Deactivator. So here are 6 more licenses to win. And for this there are some simple steps:

STEP 1: Subscribe to UnlockWindows Newsletter at no cost( FREE ). You can subscribe to it using the Subscribe link by givng your email id there. or click here. 
STEP 2: Leave a meaningful comment here in this topic. Make sure that while leaving comment you must provide the same email id which you use for subscribing to UnlockWindows, otherwise you won't be eligible for this giveaway.

Step 3:  Follow us on Twitter.
[ Note: Your Subscription must be active, if it is unverified then we'll not consider that email id as valid for the contest. ]

Offer valid upto  13th of this month ( 12 Midnight ) and winners will be announced then after.
So enjoy your weekend this contest and a  try to win.

[ *** Update *** ]
Please ensure that successful subscription is the one which is verified and active. For that you must verify from the mail you got after subscribing to .


FCCMA said...

Nice giveaway !
TU 2011 is so reliable & always be one of the best utility.
Please count me in.
Tweet & followed in Twitter:

vj.onix said...

TuneUp Utilities has been proven optimized, repair and clean your PC with a click of a button. I notice a improvement in using TuneUp since version 2004. Now with its Program Deactivator, TuneUp Utilites become a superb software.

Subscribe and confirm to newsletter, and follow you in twitter.

Thank very much for the giveaway!

Ashwin said...

I have been using Tuneup Utilities 2009 for about 6-8 months.

I dont use the automated maintenance though. I usually tweak the settings manually.

Thanks for the TU2011 giveaway.
Count me in


Xu_N said...

Very nice giveaway as tuneup utilities is one of the best tool to speed up your system. it also include many useful functions. Using its old version, so love have the newest
Subscribed to your newsletter
Followed on twitter

Thanks and please count me in

Paf said...

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I've been using TU for a long time, and I never had any problem with it, so I trust it. It would be great to upgrade to the 2011 version. Please count me in. Thanks in advance. Best regards.
PS: I'm a subscriber of your newsletter and a follower on twitter.
I'm sorry to post this second time, but I've realized I had not provided the email on my first post.

The Aviator said...

HI follow u in twitter. Already won a license from you,but I wouldn't mind to win another for other pc.Thanks for the giveaway.Like this software.Regards.

Anonymous said...

please can i have a copy of tune up utilities 2011 please thanks

Anonymous said...

Tune Up Utilities 2011 could i try and win a copy please Ive subscribed to this site thanks

Jack T said...

I'm not sure If this is the correct way to comment with my email (I wrote it in the URL space).
I've subscribed and I'm following in twitter:

I'd like to win tuneup utilities 2011 because I've the 2010 and it's very good and it hasn't caused me problems in like a year. This new version has some nice features obviously the Program Deactivator is the most interesting but there's also the enhaced turbo mode and the ratings for programs that make this software a very good one.

Silvester said...

Thanks for TU 2011 giveaway!
I used the TU 2009 & found it's so good for system tweaks.
Please count me in.
Already subscribed & Tweet & followed in Twitter.
Thanks & Regards

Giera said...

I do all three steps.
STEP 1: Subscribe to UnlockWindows Newsletter
STEP 2: Leave a meaningful comment here in this topic.
Step 3: Follow us on Twitter.

Now please count me in. I never win it anywhere.

Mr. G.T.

sam said...

Hi Arvind,
Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I have been on loosing spree for TuneUp.
I'm already a subscriber using the same email as in my comment here & also following u on twitter:

I have used 2009 and using 2010 version. I loved using Turbo Mode in TuneUp 2010, and am please to see improvements for the same in 2011 version.

The new feature of Program Deactivator is going to be a killer addition to TuneUp pack. This is something for which I had to install additional software apart from TuneUp. With the addition of Program Deactivator, it is going to be ONLY TuneUp for me..

It would be great if I could win a license for this MUST tool.

Please count me in this giveaway.


john said...

I am already Subscribed to UnlockWindows Newsletter and verified. Also following you on twitter:

I have very old XP systems and the 15-days trail version of TuneUp Utilities 2011 helped a lot in making them fast. Please count me in so that I could extend the trial to full and be able to use it further.

john d

Arvind Kumar said...

Thanks for your participation in the contest. Soon winners will be declared.

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