Windows 7 RC (7100) started showing notifcation of expiry !

As we all know that Windows 7 Release Candidate ( Build no. 7100 ) will start bi hourly shutdown from 1st of March'10. Now it started showing notification regarding creating backup of all of the data in system tray as balloon pop ups. It reminds us of date of expiry which is coming after 5days from today. After a fixed interval of time a balloon pops up in the system tray reminding us to backup the data as " Backup your important data now".

So its time to install new released version of Windows 7 ( Build 7600; RTM ) for those who are still stick to Windows 7 RC. For Windows 7 RTM visit here. For checking compatibility of software and hardware for Windows 7 RTM click here.


Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

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