Windows 8: Will be available in 2012, as per Microsoft

As we all are seeing that after Windows XP there was a long gap in the generation of Windows. But after that we saw two big and frequent changes in the form of Windows Vista and Windows 7 off-course. Within few years of time span both major release were in front of the world and now Microsoft have some better plan here regarding its next iteration for both Windows Client and Windows Server i.e Windows 8.

Microsoft will deliver its next generation Windows code name "Windows 8" in just a wait of two or three years i.e. in 2012.

As per these roadmaps we can easily conclude that Windows 8 or the next generation of Windows is not far but only in the time span of three years from now.
Courtesy: MSFT Kitchen


AnandK said...

Not as per MS ... ;)

Arvind Kumar said...

yeah but its all the predictions and somewhat correct info... may be

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