Bing Is No. 2 in Search, Yahoo Down, Google Next

Microsoft Bing has skyrocketed to the number two position in search on the US market, surpassing Yahoo. According to statistics provided by StatCounter, Bing has climbed higher on the cadaver of Live Search in just a week after the Redmond company started the rollout worldwide than the now defunct search engine has ever managed in its years of life. StatCounter has Bing overtaking Yahoo with a market share of 16.28%. Yahoo, the traditional runner-up to Google, has slipped into third place with a share of 10.22%, while the Mountain View search giant still accounts for 71.47%. Globally Yahoo isn't faring all that better, with a share of just 5.13%, compared to Bing's 5.62% and Google's 87.62%.

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Anonymous said...

This might be a big shift. The question now is how this will affect lots of paid search budgets, as in: Does Microsoft Bing Change Paid Search?

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